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It’s time for a new kind of market research. Our advice is honest, straightforward and comes directly from your target audience. Because the strongest brands are in close contact with consumers.

Our unique method harnesses the power of qualitative research and targets the exact audience for your brand. Thereby leveraging real connection, tangible results, and access to our influential community.

You receive new insights and targeted advice, so that your brand can take impactful steps.

Our unique method

Your brand and audience

Our expertise: your audience

House of Treats is a carefully curated community of influential individuals, who are trend and culture conscious. We started out as a community of Millennials and, thanks to our unique sourcing method, we now have loyal ambassadors within multiple and varied target groups across the world. With access to such a diverse and international range, we can easily match brand ambassadors with the specific needs of the client.

Our members appreciate to be involved in the brand’s journey and like to share their suggestions. Together with the brand, we define the research audience and select the most suitable ambassadors from our community.

Curious to know who’s in the house? Discover just a few profiles from our +2000 impact makers.

Strepen Kobalt

How do we work


How can your brand grow stronger? As marketeers and market researchers, we look at growth ambitions and identify the underlying questions.


The foundation for our research method is a unique brand experience. Members of our curated community will receive a premium box at home or a brand experience on location. This will allow them to get up close and personal with the brand. As true impact makers, they’ll then share their experience – with you and the world.


House of Treats analyses the results and gives tailored advice with insights straight from the target audience. Our commitment doesn’t end with research results. We are audience specialists and work closely with our clients. We get to know brands down to the finest detail; we grow with their ambitions and create ambassadors for life.

House of Treats facilitates the relationship between brands and consumers