House of Treats

Insight & Impact Agency

House of Treats is an insights & impact agency driven by a community of 3500+ early adopters. 


Our mission is to connect brands to high potential consumers to help them grow.

We believe that the ones who need to love & buy your product, are the ones with the most powerful insights.

Together with them we create impact & buzz around the brand.

Our unique model

Your brand and audience

Power of the community

House of Treats has a carefully curated community of 3500+ influential individuals, who are trend and culture-conscious. Frontrunners in the GenZ and Millennial audiences who are difficult to reach – let alone understand. 

We help brands get into their minds and hearts. We know what drives, motivates, and engages our members. And we know where new generations of consumers are headed.

Curious to know who’s in the house? Discover just a few profiles from our +3500 impact makers.

Strepen Kobalt

How do we work

1. Research & Insights

In this stage, brands get to know their high-potential consumers and start building their community. With 3500+ early adopters in our community, we generate powerful insights by offering tailor-made qualitative and quantitative research.

2. Strategy

Based on the insights we support brands in developing a clear brand strategy, including a brandhouse and customer profile. In this phase, 

we work closely with the brand and their high potential consumers in our community. 

3. Impact & Buzz campaign

We convey insights & strategy into an effective and PR-worthy campaign concept and a 360 campaign plan. Concepts are tested with our community, making sure they resonate with the target audience.


To create impact we believe in the power of earned media and our community as main drivers – supported by owned channels, and paid media. We deliver high-quality content for all relevant channels, take care of PR, activate our community, and produce buzz-worthy events.

From Insights

to Impact