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Advice from the target group

House of Treats is a target group specialist who advises brands, based on modern market research. We provide tailormade services, geared towards exactly the right audience for your brand.


House of Treats has a community of 2.500 (and counting) outspoken frontrunners within the Millennial and Gen Z generations. This is a diverse and articulate group of men and women with purchasing power who want to live (more) consciously and appreciate brands who ask for their opinion.


Marketing &

How do you shape your marketing strategy? Our insights and advice strengthen your positioning, realise brand growth, and create brand awareness through ambassadors.

Target group,
behaviour & trends

Who is your target audience? What do they think, do and what trends do they follow? Connect with your (future) consumer and gain an advantage in the market.

& product development

Want to innovate based on the needs of your consumer? We combine audience knowledge, trends, and insights to identify those opportunities. 

Treat your brand

Target group specialist

Our community consists of Innovators & Early adopters. The trendsetters and trend followers of our time. Crucial for brands that are trend aware.

As a target group specialist, we are continually connecting with your (future) consumer. We do this by giving our community members and their opinion a stage. It’s how we learn what’s on their minds, what trends they follow, what drives them and where they’re headed. It’s a real treat to really get to know your audience and hear their voices unfiltered.

The advice? That comes straight from the target group. They are your consultants, which shows in the result; there’s no dry research or superficial report. Instead, you get unfiltered opinions, refreshing ideas and actionable insights.