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Brands value your opinion. That’s why they collect your data online. What’s in it for you? Nothing, yet. 

Here at House of Treats, we want to change this. We invite brands and consumers to work together in a transparent way: you give brands your honest opinion, and in return, they thank you with their most beautiful products or services.

Fair game, right?

The service of House of Treats

House of Treats has connections with national and international top brands and will arrange the best deals for you. As a member, you’ll receive a luxury box or unique experience, ranging from premium goodies and new releases to special editions. Your means of payment? Your honest opinion, provided to us by filling out a questionnaire online or on location. Simple as that!

The best reward for your opinion


Brands want to get know you better

What’s in it for them? The answer is quite simple: now brands can really get to know what makes you tick. Brands usually collect data by following you online or conducting research. But let’s be honest: it’s much more valuable for them to hear exactly what you think of their brand. The better the brands know you, the better they can tune in to your wishes and needs.

Become our next impact maker

Let your voice be heard through House of Treats. We connect you with top brands, and you tell those brands what you really think – about their products, newest launches, events, social channels and much, much more. This way, your opinion can truly make an impact. In exchange, you’ll receive a luxury box at your doorstep, filled with lovely products, tickets or digital experiences. 

Are you the right fit? 

√ You know what’s trending now and what’s to come

√ You are culture and brand conscious

√ You have a strong opinion and are straight-talking

√ You are born between 1967 – 2004

√ You live in The Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany

√ You are a university/HBO graduate

√ You are active on social media

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Following registration there will be a screening. You will hear back from us within two weeks about whether you’re invited to join the House of Treats community.

*All information will be stored safely