The team

The foundation of our house

House of Treats has a permanent core team, complemented by our consultants. That’s how each new client gets to work with a tailormade team, consisting of leading marketeers, creatives, strategists, market methodologists and producers. Each one of them has a keen eye for what’s next and they aren’t afraid to do things differently.

We know what drives, motivates, and engages our members. And we know where new generations of consumers are headed.

With a unique vision, a daring method and a 100% personal and tailormade approach, we help brands grow even stronger.


Our community consists of +2500 members, each of them micro-consultants. For every client, we find the right match within our members.

Furthermore, House of Treats works with a permanent pool of experts, all innovators in their own domain. For each project, we assemble a team that fits the brand and client perfectly.

We’d love to introduce you to:

Entrepreneurship, creating and connecting.


Facilitating relationships is second nature to Fleur. As an experienced marketer and connector, Fleur always looks for the right collaborations within House of Treats – between the community, the brand, and the team of consultants. When everyone feels empowered, you can reach a whole other level of creation together.

Specializes in:

Community building, content marketing & business development


In addition to focusing on (content) marketing strategy and business development, Max is responsible for expanding and managing our powerful member community.

Specializes in:

Project management & strategy


Nadieh brings quality, stability and structure to projects and productions. In addition, as a junior strategist, she contributes to our research analysis and advice for our customer portfolio.

Specializes in:

Marketing strategy and campaign advice


As senior marketeer, Frida combines a strong commercial understanding with a knack for creativity. She translates target audience insights into tangible strategy and campaign advice. Her ambition: to develop marketing that actually helps achieve business goals (instead of marketing for the sake of it).

Specializes in:

Marketing and trends


Karin is creative brand strategist with over 10 years of experience. She develops brand & marketing strategies, visual identities and trend reports for brands, so they can create meaningful and sustainable connections with their target audience. Everything she does revolves around one question: how can a brand really make impact and be more than a product or service?

Specializes in:

Communication strategy


Anne is senior copywriter and communication strategist. Through captivating content and copy, built on sound strategy, she creates connections between target audiences and brands. She works internationally for various brands, from tech giants in Silicon Valley to local start-ups. With a new target audience to entice (almost) every day, she comes up with the right communication angle in no time.

Specializes in:

Creative production and styling


Demi is a producer and stylist. She takes the treats and experiences for the House of Treats community to new heights with her styling and productions skills. Because sharing their honest and straightforward opinion is worth a very special treat.

Specializes in:

Cocreation sessions, focus groups, moderation


As a cocreation expert, Stefanie is hired to moderate co creation sessions with brands and their target audiences, dealing with the development of new products, marketing, and strategy. In these settings, she knows exactly how to build a bridge between brand and consumer.

Specializes in:

Marketing and strategic business development


Allison specializes in the development of marketing and sales programs as well as strategic business development, and fundraising. As the founder and executive producer of her NYC event marketing agency, she’s managed relationships with global brands like Pernod Ricard, Coca-Cola, Lyft, Samsung, Virgin Mobile and MasterCard. She’s also engaged with the global activist movement Vday in their pursuit to end violence against all women.

Specializes in:

Digital strategy and advertising



With Lex’s fresh take on things, he opens new possibilities to put your product or service on the map online. This strengthens visibility within the target group, generates new business leads or increases direct sales.

Expert in:

Styling and design


Kristen works as a stylist, producer, set designer and graphic designer for fashion and lifestyle brands. Her mantra “a little colour never hurt nobody” translates into everything she makes. She loves to create stories from a to z: from concept, storytelling, production, and styling to graphic assets. It’s how she finds the perfect fit for every brand, product or editorial.

Join the team?

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