CASE: Heineken

‘It was the summer of’ ….2019. Hm, maybe we should stick to brand marketing and let Bryan Adams write song lyrics. But it was the summer of 2019 when Lagunita’s, Heineken’s refreshing beer since 2015, launched a House of Treats Exclusive box. At the start of 2019, Lagunitas ‘Tapkabinethad their opening night. A beer bar in the middle of the Pijp in Amsterdam. But, to really put Lagunitas and Tapkabinet on the map, they needed to know what a real Dutch Lagunitas-drinker consists of. So, ‘brandmanager craft beer’, Gaby van der Linder, called us.

“We really were looking for a way to start building a Lagunitas community and connect with consumers in an early stage, to get insights into brand experience. Additionally, we needed to generate as much traffic with a relevant target audience towards our ‘Tapkabinet’. That’s why House of Treats’ boxes caught our immediate attention.”


  • To get to know ‘the Lagunitas-drinker’ and gain insight into their daily life
  • Create a community of micro influencers
  • Attract customers to the ‘Tapkabinet’ and learn their thoughts on the Lagunitas beer and bar


The Lagunitas box
To really understand consumers’ brand experience of the beer as well as the bar, the Lagunitas box was filled with a voucher and exclusive merchandise. The value of the voucher meant an extensive Lagunitas tasting at the ‘Tapkabinet’. Not only did this consist of tasting a diverse array of craft beers, but was accompanied by a well-stocked spread, which members could enjoy with a couple of friends. All they had to give in return? Their feedback on the beer, the brand and bar.


The results
Thanks to the Lagunitas House of Treats box, more than 100 groups (making up a total of 500 visitors) ended up at the ‘Tapkabinet’, over a period of just two months. Following this, we were able to take an extensive questionnaire from each of them. We collected information about, among other things, brand image, brand association, preferred brands and purchase motivation. Based on this information, we were able to draw up an extensive profile of the ideal customer of both Lagunitas beer and the ‘Tapkabinet’.

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