CASE: The Gift Label

The Gift Label – this rapidly growing Amsterdam lifestyle brand hadn’t utilized research before. So, House of Treats could help them get a clear vision of their current target audience, range and visibility among our interesting House of Treats community members.

In the spring and fall of 2019 The Gift Label took part in a Themed House of Treats box. This to conduct targeted research and create visibility among their target audience.


  • To learn their target audience’s behaviors and needs regarding care products and gifting
  • Identifying the high-potential consumer
  • Generate data and insights to benefit their brand growth
  • Create visibility in their high-potential target group


The Gift Label box
Both boxes contained several products among diverse categories of The Gift Label. All of our female community members were invited to subscribe to the The Gift Label x House of Treats box. And, not to our surprise, it was sold out within in 10 minutes. The eventual lucky recipients were very surprised, in a very good way, by the number of treats. And, were equally happy to participate in the online questionnaire to contribute to our research.

The results

  • Two reports consisting of research results and recommendations from the target group. The mean response rate was 98%.
  • Spontaneous online reach from the House of Treats community, such as the content above
  • A great ROI: because of their positive personal experience many recipients became returning customers of The Gift Label.

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