IN THE HOUSE: Geneal Harreman

Geneal Harreman (31) brought the cutest +1 and we don’t mind at all: a very happy baby babbles in the background during our call. Geneal proves he’s a natural at multitasking as he entertains his daughter while answering our burning questions. 

One of the chef’s passions is inspiring others to be more conscious of how they treat our planet and the footprint they leave behind. “Just as long as I don’t come across as a hippie know-it-all”, he jokingly adds. Till not too long ago, Geneal wasn’t even plant-based himself. On the contrary: the vegan chef enjoyed a good chicken or two from time to time. Fast forward to meeting his girlfriend and Geneal learning about the plant-based lifestyle. She doesn’t need much time to convince him it’s the way to go. For him, it’s mostly about making conscious choices and valuing our planet the way it deserves to be valued. The chef believes that even the smallest changes in your lifestyle can make a great difference.

“As long as you are conscious about what you eat, not being entirely plant-based is completely fine with me.”

His following on social media is growing more each day. Geneal uses his platforms to inspire people to be more conscious, but without judging anyone for their choices. “I, myself, am no Holy Mary either. Not everything I do is perfect”, he honestly admits. So, when brands make the effort to manufacture in a sustainable and conscious way, the chef is immediately drawn to them. “Brands that go the extra mile for the environments are the brands I respect the most”, he ensures. “Brands who create cool stuff without doing any harm.” 

The vegan chef inspirator thinks it’s important for brands to listen to their target audiences. It helps them make more conscious decisions. Ethically produced products, for instance: “Brands have to participate in sustainable manufacturing, otherwise their target audience will shift to shopping at vintage stores”. He has no problem giving his unvarnished opinion, he jokingly admits: “I’m quite opinionated.” From the happy babbling sounds in the background we can hear his baby girl seems to agree.

Geneal Harreman – House of Treats member since 2021

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