Trend: Community Driven & Co-creation

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Community Driven and Co-creation

Co-creation will move up Factivist consumer priorities as they become more considered in their choices. Product development will be increasingly people- powered and community-led, resulting in products that better serve their users.
At House of Treats, we strongly believe in giving the consumer a say in the entire development cycle and create products that are aligned with their values, to better land products and increase success.

Factivist Is an activist who can argue with data –


  • For a personal care brand, House of Treats works with various focus groups to co-create newproduct lines with the target group. “Is this sustainable concept credible? Do you think this is a fit with the brand?” The output (strong hypotheses) is then verified through quantitative research for the brand to take impactful steps.
  • In collaboration with a fashion brand, we co-create prints, give target group insights for better fits, and select the most relevant products according to upcoming trends.



Consumer behaviour:

When consumers get a say in matters, they get more and more involved. They spread the word.

Brand strategy:

Brands should study how their communities approach them. This is not only limited to products and services, but also to brand communication. Brand efforts must be driven towards helping them grow and thrive into healthier and happier environments.

Brands that the target group embrace are more than just labels; they are manifestations of certain values. When these values correspond to their own values, and when the look and feel of the brand feels complementary to their own personality, this brand becomes a part of their lifestyle.

Communication value:

Brands that evoke loyalty are always brands that are perceived as ‘real’. Authenticity is key in recei- ving the target group’s appreciation.


“It’s amazing right?! Finally, there’s a brand that actually listens to the consumer.”  Ruby, 39 years

How can companies grow and make an impact? Our community consist of early-adopters. They present themselves as rather free-spirited, ambitious, and independent people. Brands can help them to confirm and convey their identity. And vice versa. How we do this? first we start with quantitative research to obtain facts & numbers. After quantitative insights, we gather the ‘stories behind the facts’. These give a deeper psychological understanding of customers’ motivation and barriers that influence the respondent’s experience of trends.

**This article is part of our trend report 2022 ‘5 trending topics straight from our early adaptor community of Millenials & Gen Z’ers’

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