IN THE HOUSE: Emily Denissen

A born and raised Dutchie from Brabant, who has been living in Amsterdam for over 14 years now, that’s Emily Denissen (32)Her energy and joy are infectious – the good kind. And if you’d ask her friends, they would they you there aren’t many things that don’t light Emily’s fire. Seems about right to Emily: “There are so many incredible things you can do in life”

The 32-year-old project manager in the entertainment industry has stone-cold discipline. Last year, she took part in the ‘75 Hard Challenge’. No alcohol, 2 workouts a day, and reading a minimum of 10 pages of a non-fiction book for 75 days. A walk in the park for Emily. This year, she decided to do it all again (luckily, with cutting herself a bit of slack from time to time). Why, you might ask?  “Just to challenge myself and to feel fit and healthy in my body”

Her passion for life is also reflected in her work: “Contributing to good memories for people is such a rewarding experience”. As a producer, she makes sure to always maintain authentic towards her clients. As a customer, she expects the same from brands. “I want to be valued”, she explains, “feel like I’m being seen and heard by the brand.”

“These days there’s an overkill of brands on the market. The platforms we have nowadays make it easier to market your brand, simultaneously making it harder to stay afloat between so much competition.”

According to Emily, that’s exactly why authenticity is so important; to build a relationship and connect with the customer. House of Treats has provided such connection with several brands. “First of all, you get a gift that is just for you. And second, your opinion is valued by A list brands. You feel special, you feel seen!”

Emily Denissen – House of Treats member since 2019

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