IN THE HOUSE: Daisy Ranoe

If Daisy Ranoe (27) could recommend one thing, it would be ‘do volunteer work’. And it’s not even about helping others. “I’m just as much doing this for myself”, she admits with a smile on her face. “It’s not a noble thing: I thoroughly enjoy it.”

It’s part of her life mission: to make the world a more beautiful place and work with people who do so as well. “Not just by creating things that are esthetically pleasing to look at”, as she explains. The 27-year-old early adopter decided a long time ago to chase happiness instead of money.

Staying true to herself, that’s how Daisy Ranoe became the person that she’s so proud of.

“I think it’s super important to do things I like, even if it doesn’t generate money right away.” Her authenticity is clearly paying off (yes, pun intended): “I have an amazing life and job”, she concludes.

It’s that kind of integrity that the Utrechtse artist also looks for in a brand: “It needs to be sincere. Otherwise, consumers will see right through it.” She also believes that influencers shouldn’t just collaborate with any brand. “People are like brands, if there’s real chemistry, you’ll see it. They really need to match.”

The first time she teamed up with House of Treats, the artist was a bit hesitant to share her honest opinion. “I wasn’t’ sure because I couldn’t really get a sense of the brand’s values”, Daisy remembers. “But I also thought: this is where I can make the difference. This is where I can tell a corporate company: these things are important and you need to do something about them.”

Despite those early doubts, Daisy felt heard. A great – and apparently unfamiliar 😉  – feeling: “I sometimes just feel like I’m screaming into outer space where no one can hear me. The least of all my four younger sisters”, she laughs. “Sharing my honest opinion this way; it makes me feel like I can make a difference. Or, at least, I hope so.”

And if she could recommend one more thing – other than volunteering? “As a brand, always strive to make the world more beautiful, without damaging people or environment.”

Daisy Ranoe – House of Treats member since 2022

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