CASE: Rigorgeous


Caroline Rigo’s Rigorgeous is a well-known player in the Belgian beauty scene. The Belgian brand has four cosmetics brands within it, each with its own identity and made with the same passion for clean beauty: Cent Pur Cent, Blush, Café Beauté and To develop a tailored go-to-market strategy for the Netherlands, Caroline chose House of Treats.

We worked with our 3-phase model

  1. Gain insights from market and consumer research
  2. Use these results as the basis for advice and strategy. This includes desk research performed by our team.
  3. Translate the strategy into a tangible launch and impact plan. House of Treats supports all facets in preparation for the actual launch in the Netherlands.

Research objectives

Aimed at the behaviour and preferences of the Dutch consumer regarding beauty:

    • Use of makeup
    • Buying behaviour (frequency and channels)
    • Brands landscape and competition
    • Media mix (consumption)


We used our signature box method: 650 members took part in the preselection through a questionnaire. Then, 500 female members throughout the Netherlands were divided over the two brands. They received a luxury cosmetics box at home.

Reach from the community

The focus in this collaboration wasn’t on posting content, yet over 65 members spontaneously published Instagram posts and stories about the or Cent Pur Cent products. All of these were reposted on the channels of House of Treats.

Reach from member channels: 201.000 / Reach from HoT channels: 82.000

Go-To-Market objectives:

Based on the insights and desk research by the House of Treats team, two go-to-market strategies were developed.


A practical report was produced, with data and insights into the Dutch market, including a clear plan of action for entrance into the Dutch market. This was tailormade and suited to the unique identities of both brands.

That’s how we and our members laid the foundation for influential Dutch communities for both brands.

A perfect start in conquering the Dutch market.

Community building

In addition, with our members we have already laid the foundation for two influential Dutch communities, for both brands.

Caroline Rigo

“Even though Belgians and Dutch speak the same language, there are many differences in how we look at healthy make-up. For one it is durability, for the other hypoallergenic make-up. By doing the research with real, authentic Dutch ladies, we have come to valuable insights that can be applied immediately.”



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