CASE: In-depth consumer research drives fast-growing marketing strategy King Louie

The story of King Louie begins in the 1980s at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam, where vintage fans Ann Berlips and George Cramer sell their finest treasures. Since then, King Louie has grown into an internationally successful brand that stands for freedom, optimism and individuality. A brand already familiar to many, but yet to be discovered by others. Time to dive into its high potential consumer.


Collaboration objectives

    • Strengthen the B2C connection and build strong relationships with consumers.
    • Gain the right insights to optimize strategy and get to know the target audience from the inside out.
    • Increase awareness among the right target audience.
    • Create an organic and authentic ambassadorship among the potential target group in the Netherlands.


The research

The research consists of two phases. The goal is to gain insight into the behavior and preferences of high potential consumers in two different age groups.


Phase 1: two focus group sessions

The research started with two focus group sessions with 10 people. A focus group provides an opportunity to gain in-depth insights about opinions, experiences and perceptions in a relatively short period of time. House of Treats moderated the sessions.

Phase 2: the trusted House of Treats box (n= 150)

In the second phase, we validate the hypotheses from the focus group and further shape the consumer profile.

150 consumers received the trusted House of Treats box. By working with an exclusive box, we connect with the right target group and offer a first positive introduction to King Louie. Having this community talk, both online and offline, provides valuable insights about their motivations, choices and the best way to reach this target group.


Social content through the community

King Louie box recipients have shared more than 49 spontaneous Instagram and TikTok messages about the products in the box. All of these posts are reposted on the House of Treats channels.

We also sent the box to a diverse group of (micro) influencers in the House of Treats community.

    • Reach through channels members: +420,821
    • Views stories members: +16,558
    • HoT mailings: +12,000


We translated the insights into a detailed report with data and insights into the Dutch market. The report consists of five elements.

Fan base

From the panel, we were able to map King Louie’s true fan base. It is very important that King Louie starts building the brand from this core group. They represent the brand.

Next step

Create the right strategy. We now know where the high potential consumer is and the House of Treats team knows King Louie’s unique identity. We turn insights and strategy into a (PR worthy) activation concept and 360 campaign plan. Activated by the community and supported with own channels, PR and possibly paid media.

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