CASE: Exploring the minds of early adopters: understanding Leia’s consumer inside out


Leia Inc. is a leading provider of eyewear-free 3D display solutions. It’s Leia’s mission to make 3D available to anyone, anywhere, on any device, ranging from smartphone, tablets, to notebooks and monitors. Leia Inc. and House of Treats have been working together to get a better understanding of Leia’s consumer. We tapped into our carefully curated community of 3500+ influential individuals and developed a unique research method, to help Leia get into the minds and hearts of their consumers.


Collaboration objectives

    • Fully understand Leia’s consumers. What is driving them, holding them back and how do we approach them?
    • Define, prioritize and validate value cases
    • Define which user case should become the first focus area.


The research

Leia’s consumers are early adopters with an interest in new gadgets and technology.

25 people in this target audience got selected and joined the exclusive Leia panel. To maximize engagement and capture initial responses, our unique research method consists of three phases.


Demo nights

First, we organized two demo nights in a home setting. The panel members engaged with all different elements of Leia’s technology, and we watched closely to capture their first responses.

Home trial

Second, we provided the panel members with a tablet with Leia’s 3D technology to use at home at their own pace. Every member called a buddy with a built-in 3D video app to discuss the technology and worked through 15 homework assignments, followed by a quantitative questionnaire to develop a baseline.

Co-creation sessions

Finally, we organized three co-creation sessions. The panel members actively worked together with members of the Leia team to solve challenges with respect to positioning, use cases, and marketing.


We translated the insights into a detailed report with:

    • Actionable insights
    • An overview of the user experiences
    • A deep understanding of the drivers and barriers for adopting this new technology
    • Perceived technology benefits and use cases
    • Suggestions for marketing and advertising of devices with Leia SR.

Next Steps

Identify high-potential profiles within our community and establish a worldwide community for Leia Inc. These ambassadors can provide Leia with input for the development of new products, marketing, and communication, as well as with general insights. Enabling Leia to respond fast to challenges and stay ahead of competition. Furthermore, repeat the research for different target groups, in different regions and for new versions of the technology or alternative devices.

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