by B+K is a young Amsterdam brand with refreshing collections. The durable cases and bags are made of soft Italian leather and have a fun yet minimalist design. A beautiful Dutch brand that we knew would be a great match with our community members.

Collaboration objectives
The wish was to get a clear picture of the current market, with the main goals being:

  • Measuring brand-association, – awareness and -sentiment;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Measuring purchase intent;
  • Price analysis;
  • Testing product-color, -shape and packaging;
  • Build a community of micro-influencers.

We based our research on these goals. To gain concrete insight, we sent an extensive questionnaire to the 150 lucky people who received the box. No fewer than 150 ladies were given the opportunity to test the products of by B+K in the comfort of their own home.

The Box
In November 2019 by B+K was part of the House of Treats box with a beautiful pencil case. This gave 150 female community members a personal and tangible experience with the product (and the brand!) in their own personal environment.

After the box, we examined their opinion and behavior by sending out an extensive online questionnaire.


  • Our research provided B+K with valuable data and insights into customer behavior, competition, price and innovation;
  • The response rate of the survey was 97%;
  • ROI: a year later we brought by B+K again to the attention of our members by offering a 50% discount on first purchase in their web shop;
  • Following the box, a large group of the respondents posted their own recommendations for by B+K on their social media.
  • Our feedback also showed that several repeat purchases have already been made by the members

Belia van der Giessen (Owner by B+K):

“Fleur from House of Treats is professional yet at the same time very open and approachable, which resulted in a very nice collaboration. House of Treats also doesn’t end with just a final report; Fleur continues to think along in all areas. With House of Treats, by B+K has obtained a clear picture of its target group and how our product is perceived. A good starting point for us to determine how, and who, we specifically want to approach about our brand.”

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